How Can A Notary Help You?

Notary is an officer who is appointed for the job by the court or the state. He is an officer who is a lawyer or a practicing solicitor. These people are granted some power. They can administer oaths, witness documents and can perform both national and international administrative functions. The entire signature and the seals of an appointed notary are recorded to certify that the seals and signature are genuine. The signature or seal is also registered with the court for authentication. I have already told exactly what type of legal works a notary does. This blog will describe how one can get help from a notary.

A notary public Melbourne fees does different kinds of jobs. In case of power of an attorney, wills and property deals, the duty of a notary is to verify with each and every person among the signers. He verifies their true identity. He makes sure that the people who are signing the documents are well aware of the contents of the papers. It is the duty of the notary to ensure that no one signs any paper under any kind of pressure or unwillingly. Sometimes, the notary is to administer an oath made by the signer that all the documented details are correct and true.

Establishment of a prenuptial agreement, real estate transactions, granting power of attorney and family lawyers and many other legal works are administered by a notary. These certifications by a notary help our society to perform properly. Another quality of a notary is impartiality. A notary works for none. He is a lawyer in Melbourne and none else. Though he checks and verifies documents, he does not do things for someone’s interest. They are completely duty bound people who are barred to work in any situation where his interest lies. The impartiality does not mean not working for self interest, but also not refusing to serve someone on the basis of gender, status, religion, politics and nationality. Because of this impartiality people believe that a job done by a notary is never stained by his self interest.

There are a number of documents that require the verification of a notary. This task can be performed by only a notary. A notary confirms the identity and signatures of the people signing any document. People come face to face with a notary most of the time during the deals of any property. During mortgaging, selling or buying a property a lot of signature is required. All these signatures must be witnessed and certified by a notary.